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# Sunday, 25 December 2005

All of us at (Better known as the Watts family),

wish you only the best as we observe Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the other proud

holiday traditions of the world.


Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


OK so far so good! I have been telling myself I would write this Holiday Blog post for weeks now, and you guessed it!


It is Christmas Eve, and I am just starting this effort!


OK, for my regular blog readers the remainder of this post is ultra boring family stuff, so I warn you if you keep reading be prepared to fall asleep!


This is the first Christmas since I started blogging via! My usual modus operandi is to send a Christmas E-mail or Electronic Flash greeting and such, but this is my first Christmas blog, so I am going to try for extra cool and super extra features of blogdom?????? ( example: PHOTO GALLERY LINK )


Tom, (myself), Johnnie my super cool wife, and my children, Cameron, Leah and Dena have had an interesting year! We have plenty of news, and events, most of which you would find boring! But I will start off with the good or interesting news if any!


Leah my youngest daughter got engaged to be married last weekend!

Her boy friend Randy tried to wait for Christmas, but he just could not hold out! (He told me and Leah’s mother in advance, so I know!) We are excited, we just hope they take their time and not rush things too soon, so no there is not a date set. But it’s very serious Randy gave Leah a big ROCK! Now I am not personally a respecter of rocks but this is a big one, and it does sparkle, I suspect they will be paying for it for years to come.


Cameron, my son has no such news, but has really been working hard on his musical skills! Since the last time I sent out a Christmas e-mail etc., he has spent many thousand of dollars on guitars, and amplifiers and the like and is playing quiet will and writing and singing his own songs! Some of which can be found here on my blog.


Dena, and her son Skyler survived the several Hurricanes which blew through their home in South Beach (Miami Florida) this year. Dena continues to pursue her musical career with some modest success! Skyler will be over to see us this New Years eve!

Johnnie recently got a promotion and still works for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as a contracting officer.


Tom is still working for a Department of Defense (DOD), contractor in Dayton Ohio, and yes he, continues to commute 170 miles roundtrip each day!


We had a great Thanksgiving; tons of our families were here! See the photo gallery link on this blog for some of the pictures!


In closing:


We are happy you are doing well, and since I believe no news is good news I have to assume you are doing well since you have not advised us otherwise. Please stay in touch, you can e-mail us at the usual address or give us a call, we would love to hear from you!


Tom, Johnnie, Cameron, Leah&Randy, and Dena&Skyler

Sunday, 25 December 2005 00:54:35 (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)
# Saturday, 17 December 2005

A mini tribute to my son Cameron, musician in the tradition of the Doors.

Cameron's song Mr. Lonely!

Family | mp3
Saturday, 17 December 2005 12:23:54 (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)