Resume of E. Thomas Watts (Tom)
Columbus Ohio


Accomplished Operations and Information Systems Manager leading, building and supporting business enterprises to generate operational and process improvements. Successfully built high-performing teams with an analytical process focused mindset. Demonstrated ability to analyze and solve complex business problems with innovative technical solutions that optimize resources. Extensive IT project management experience across multiple sectors including Insurance, Manufacturing, and Government organizations. Exhibits the technical skills and empowering leadership for developing and implementing cloud business solutions. Spearheaded projects to create innovative approaches in system design, interrelationships, operating mode, system software, and equipment configuration. Consistently executes projects on time and within budget while meeting stated organizational goals.
Portfolio Planning & Management | Team Building | Leadership |Communications | IT Systems Acquisition| Reliability Engineering | Tactical Planning| Process Modeling| Supply Chain | Tableau| Paxata| Office 365 | SharePoint| Business Development| Process Improvements | Cloud Services | Technical Support

Operations Management Consulting (Private Confidential Consulting)

Small Business Startup, SharePoint, e-commerce web, program management implementation, and business operations for various small and medium sized companies.
Very discerning in my engagements, must be interesting, not full time, and for a limited duration, not looking for employment or long term contracts.
Full satisfaction of your contract requirements or your under no obligation to pay for my services.

Operations Management and Consulting – Armory Auction LLC

Azure application e-commerce web program management implementation, and business operations

Consultant, Enterprise Portfolio Planning & Management – Nationwide Insurance

Portfolio Planning Services (PPS)/Business Transformation Office (BTO), Consultant supporting operational Portfolio Analytics for the Program Portfolio Management (PPM) process, the NW IT program software build process.

• Exhibited operational and data subject matter expertise for a Collaboratory Research contract for a Text Search Tool for the creation of risk analysis and alternate views of the annual $500 million-dollar NW software developement programs
• Established portfolio based on the new metrics of (Plan, Test & learn and Build) expense dollars by various business units and other portfolio defined metrics, and ongoing efforts.
• Provided support documentation of the modeling of the NW PPM business model at the conceptual level in support of a BTO Data Model architecture initiative in PPS which supports the entire BTO.
• Coordinated cross functional efforts for the PAXATA data blending tool pilot (Test & Learn) for the usage in PPS.
• Utilized Tableau data visualization tool to support conversion of spreadsheet reporting to an automated process
• Mobilized office collaboration support for NW SPOT movement to the Azure Cloud and general ad hoc SPOT (SharePoint) services to several BTO business process offices.

Benefits Management Consultant (Software Development Programs) – Nationwide Insurance

Served as a BMP (Benefits Management Practices) Consultant (contractor) for Portfolio Planning Services, joining the team consulting with large program teams and documenting repeatable practices for Benefits Realization.

• Instituted primary support for program consulting, extraction of repeatable methods, and creating excellent documentation; engaged 2-3 program teams simultaneously for Benefits Realization program consulting.
• Collaborated with program leaders to define a high-level work plan, coaching program leaders, extracting and documenting repeatable methods, and assisting in creating work methods to attain the program goals.

Federal Solutions Executive – Ventech Solutions Inc.

Assumed the responsibility for the development of corporate technical operations strategy in the federal space for Ventech Solutions.

• Oversaw Federal Operations and Business Development-Capture, Corporate development strategy and execution, marketing and client relationship management.
• Assumed Senior Advisor role to the CEO NA for growth strategy development for Cloud Services, Software and Systems Engineering, IT Security, Data Management, Biometrics and Data Analytics, Governance, etc.
• Led Long Range Plan development and provided support for developing and launching client relationship programs with the Air Force, NASA, DHS, HHS, DOD, DOT, DOJ, etc.

Chief Technologist – EXCEL Management Systems Inc.

As the CTO of this Department of Defense contractor, supported Information Technology Services to Government, State, and commercial clients, for, Client/Server Systems, Database Management, Systems Integration, Modernization, and Reengineering, and Acquisition Logistics systems.

• Provided Cloud Solutions Architecting and Partnering with other vendors to supply complete client solution.
• Assisted Business Development efforts of Federal and State Programs as Engineering Sales Solutions Architect.
• Generated Proposals/Requests for Quotes/Requests for Information (RFPs/RFQs/RFIs).
• Oversaw software Integration projects for Service Delivery, CRM, Accounting data sharing and others.
• Implemented SAAS solutions for customers and EXCEL (E-MAIL/CRM/Service Management/DR).
• Optimized business analysis for Virtualization Architecting, both for MS HyperV and VMWare in legacy datacenter.
• Conducted Network Operations Management and EXCEL internal IT Management oversight.
• Supported Program Management with providing costs and schedules for projects assigned, using Pivotal Tracker.
• Reviewed and analyze requirements and documentation, and Network and support Software systems assessments.
• Exhibited strong technical writing skills, and supervised Graphics Specialists in managing and producing proposals.

Vice President – GlobeTech Exchange - Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio

For a small Department of Defense contractor, in support of Information Technology Services to Government and commercial clients, for, Client/Server Systems, Database Management, Web Development and Internet Access Design, Web-Based Commerce, Stock Control, Systems Integration, Modernization, and Reengineering, and Acquisition Logistics systems support provided:

• Program Management Support, cost and schedule
• Information Assurance Support, policy and certification activities
• Requirements analysis, and requirements documentation, with use cases
• Taking business requirements and translating them to functional specifications for software development, database and infrastructure teams
• Requests for Proposals/Requests for Quotes/Requests for Information (RFPs/RFQs/RFIs)
• Provide technical writing skills, supervised Proposal Analysts and Graphics Specialists in managing and producing proposals
• Developed a web based foreign military sales repair parts return and tracking system
• Technical business development and CIO customer level support

Director of Information Systems - Shelby County Assessor

As Director Information Systems for Shelby County Assessor, (City/County Government), Memphis Tennessee provided:

• Managed all IS operations of this local government agency
• Converted and standardized operations based on six (6) disparate sever operating systems to 2 (UNIX and NT)
• Converted from 7 network protocols to 1 (TCP/IP)
• Implemented a help desk business process system
• Upgraded firewall systems and installed Internet content filtering
• Reorganized operations and implemented standard IS business practices to support disaster recovery
• Revised web site support processes and updated content management processes, to include some portal technology
• Converted the organization from older Novell servers to NT2000 (Active Directory), and Exchange e-mail systems
• Managed a software conversion/update of the current Assessor Computer Aided Mass Appraisal System (CAMA), from a SUN system to a NT2000 system, an Oracle application database re-host and upgrade project

Director of Information Systems - Tosoh America Inc.

(Tosoh Corporation is a 4 Billion dollar Japanese company, with 120 subsidiaries worldwide)
Executive position reported directly to President of Tosoh America for daily operations and to the CIO of Tosoh Inc. in Japan for strategic direction and focus. As Director I supported or directed the following actions:

• Managed Information Technology policy, infrastructure and data/telecommunications between all Tosoh America companies
• Centralization of IT resources and IT project management for Tosoh in the U.S.
• Updated and or added frame relay links between Japan, Taiwan, Korea, United Kingdom, New Jersey, San Jose, Portland, and Atlanta
• Converted low value, Quality of Service (QOS) frame relay links to Internet Virtual Private Networking (VPN), saving $200,000 annually
• Directed Tosoh IT personnel (US wide), about 30-40 persons, at seven locations
• Was the program manager for Tosoh America MIS policy regulation and standards for use by the American Tosoh companies
• Was the working representative of US companies for E-Business and Data Warehouse architecture plan for the global Tosoh Corporation


(Tosoh SMD is a 100 Million dollar subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation)
As the IT Manager of Tosoh SMD:

• Managed the Information Technology group
• Managed conversion from Lotus Notes e-mail to Exchange 5.5 e-mail
• Upgraded manufacturing plant server capability by 50%
• Setup new backup solutions and virus solutions
• Managed technical operations to remediate an older HP3000 manufacturing system for Y2K (Year 2000) issues
• Outsourced residual Lotus Notes applications
• Upgraded frame relay connections to Asian subsidiaries in Korea and China
• Supported the implementation of Citrix manufacturing systems saving approximately 50,000 in new PC upgrades
• Initiated web based sales force automation system and IT knowledgebase, and company Intranet
• Stayed successfully within budget and on time for all projects

MIS MANAGER - Trim Systems LLC

Trim Systems, Columbus Ohio (formally a 100 Million dollar division of ASC Inc.)
As the IT Manager of Trim Systems:

• Managed the Information Systems team
• Was the Baan ERP Team leader for 5-person contractor and 5-person Trim Systems team
• Trained in Baan Tools, installed Baan systems and databases
• Provided direct technical support for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) migration from existing legacy AS400 data system to BAAN, using client server system design and implementation using Business Re-Engineering and project management
• Provided LAN administration implementing NT Server 4.0, Exchange Mail Server with Windows 95 clients
• Operations support with direct programming, using Microsoft Access (Visual Basic) for production forecast database using AS400 data and custom bill of material (BOM) developed tables/application
• Supported several IT mergers and acquisitions when Trim Systems was bought by Heavy Duty holding, a venture capital firm
• Due to company mergers/purchases this BAAN implementation continued for multiply years after my departure at other locations and merged companies


(Sytex was a small business, about 50 Million in 1995, it was a large business in 2005 and was bought by Lockheed Martin)
Supported the DOD Joint Logistics System Center (JLSC) Materiel Management Division for Program Management and Operational Systems support for internal data system design and implementation using Business Re-Engineering and application programming. As a hands on project leader, provided direct programming support, using Microsoft Access (Visual Basic) and Microsoft Project.

• Provided support with extensive experience with database design and development for numerous projects.
• Managed the M4 portion of the JLSC/MM World Wide Web (WWW) site design, deployment and, HTML programming.
• Authored Software Development Plan ‘s (SDP) and application Functional Description (FD).
• Deployed new NT Servers 3.51, CAT 5 LAN, and NT Exchange Mail Server and Windows 95 clients.
(This contract position terminated and the Air Force JLSC organization no longer exists)


(Labyrinth Group was a small DOE focused business, Dayton Ohio)
As the General Operations Manager and CIO of the LABYRINTH Group, a startup environmental engineering company with an IS focus:

• Managed all general corporate operations to include Information Systems Management, Human Resources, Financial Operations and Contract/Procurement administration
• Personally managed DOE MIS contracts worth over two million dollars per year, a significant percentage of the total companies revenue
• Managed in excess of 40 personnel
• Development and management of internal data systems for general operations to include Human Resources, Resume Tracking, Contract Task Order Management/Invoicing and RFP/Marketing Management
• Application development in MS Access, Oracle NT, Clipper, and office automation using MS Office
• Project Management and development of a commercial database for the LABYRINTH Group of all environmental data provided by each waste generator and treatment facility as reported to the Ohio EPA for the year 1992
• Information engineering support for conversion of a DOE Waste Characterization database from the legacy system to a site wide Oracle database system “SWIFTS” for FERNALD (a superfund site in Cincinnati OH)


• Supported Corporate Information Management (CIM) as directed by The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OASD) for Production and Logistics, Pentagon, United Stated Air Force
• As a Senior Civilian Acquisition Logistics Professional was a member of the OASD approved Joint Industry and Government Provisioning Policy Group (DOD PCPG) for standardized data systems in coordination with the Logistics Systems Center (JLSC), represented the Air Force
• Supported the Air Force Logistics Command (Wright Patterson AFB) and the JLSC, under the direction of the DOD, Defense Management Review (DMR) 926, 987 and others for business process analysis using IDEF modeling
• Developed, provided and managed policies, concepts, methods and techniques for describing, controlling and developing Logistics Management systems as related to computer programs for Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and the Logistics Support Record (LSAR), for Provisioning and Cataloging data systems
• Chairman of the PCPG subgroup “Policy Execution”, representing the Air Force



B. A., Business Management and Administration/Computer Operations, Georgia College & State University

Technical Experience Areas:
(While many are hands on, I have more experience managing or implementing these!)

Hardware: Intel based PC’s and Servers, HP, Dell, Compaq, HP9000, HP3000, Honeywell some UNIX systems, some AS400

RDBMS: Azure SQL & std MS SQL Server 20xx, MS Access, early Oracle 7, Exchange Mail Server DB Development, Lotus Notes DB Development

Languages: .Net-Visual Studio 20xx, C#,Classic ASP 3.0, Visual Basic, SQL Server 20xx, MS Access, ActiveX, HTML, XML, CSS, WordPress Tools.

Server Systems: “Advanced” administration of Windows Server 20xx, “Advanced” Exchange Server, Active Directory Administration, Advanced, MS Windows, LAN setup for TCP/IP, IPX, DHCP, DNS, WINS, NT RAS, (Basic operating Unix, Linux), Routers, Large PBX systems on WAN, Telecommunications, Voice over frame relay (VOIP) and frame relay, routers various, CISCO, HP, Memotec

Client Systems: “Advanced” Microsoft Windows 11, all flavors of Windows, operational Linux, operational Apple

Software Packages: Azure Cloud Administration,SharePoint Projects, “Advanced” MS Office O365 “MS Project 20xx” ,Advanced Visio, OneNote & early Baan Tools, early Oracle Tools, early ESRI CAMA Tools

Logistics Career Cadre and other formal USAF Executive Cadre management training and other training:

• ITIL Intermediate Certification
• Building Effective Logistic Teams
• Communications and Counseling Employees
• Situational Management in Corporate World
• Air Force IT Systems Acquisition
• Air Force Reliability Engineering
• DOD Tactical Planning and Team Building
• IDEF Process Modeling, Master
• Tableau (data visualization)
• Paxata (data blending and ETL)
• Advanced Office 365 automation, AZURE Operations, CSS, HTML, C#
- United States Air Force (USAF) Integrated Avionics, Computer, Fire Control, Radar F-15,
Command NCO Academy